Thursday, April 3, 2008

Zogby, Hillary's Dead Unless BIG Win in Pennsy...

John Zogby, respected scientific pollster, discusses Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.

With little change of tone, however, and in only a few carefully-chosen words, he describes the gaping wound now bleeding the Democrat Party, when he notes that, in order to win, it 'will have to heal some serious differences...'

And therein lieth the rub... The Democrat Party, thinking itself all-inclusive, has almost NO POWER TO HEAL...

Bottom line? McCain in 2008, and HE will let America support the troops & defend itself.

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Anonymous said...

Both Democratic contenders are so unsavory one hardly knows which one to hurl away first!

On the one hand it would be good if Hillary crushed Obama so that she, and not the American people (Republicans in particular) could take the inevitable hit for racism. On the other hand, one wishes to see the tentacled Clintons vanquished before they can insinuate themselves any further into our politics. (Is that Chelsea I see on the horizon? Shudder.)

I won't mind seeing Obama get the nom either, though. The higher he climbs, the harder his fall will be, and perhaps the less inclined his silly followers will be to ever again try a stunt like raising such an arrogant airhead to such heights.